About Chatsworth Elementary

Chatsworth Elementary School was established in 1934....more or less!

The first school in Chatsworth is actually actually older than the town itself. The first businesses in what came to be known as Chatsworth were a Brick Plant and the Georgia Talc Company. These companies brought a number of workers to the area around the turn of the century. Martha Holbrook who is forever known as "Chatsworth's first teacher", taught the children of the plant workers in a log building was near the brick plant at the south end of First Avenue.

On December 22, 1906 the Chatsworth Land Company deeded property to school trustees E.W. Markin, W.H. Pendley, J.N. Stanford, B.C. Keith, and S.M. Barnett. A two-room, wooden school was built on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Peachtree Street. Miss Lula Gladden was the first principal.

The school that opened in 1907 was destroyed by fire in 1921. In 1922 an 18-acre tract of land was purchased from T.H. Moreland for $1,700 and additional property was obtained from Mrs. W.W. Mullinax. A new three-story brick school that opened in 1923 was built. This school, which featured a third floor auditorium was known as Chatsworth Grammar and High School. The school was accredited in 1925.

In 1934 a new Chatsworth Elementary facility was built on the same site after a lightening strike led to a fire that destroyed the former three story facility. It was at this time that Chatsworth High School and Lucy Hill High School were consolidated and the new Chatsworth Elementary obtained its current name.

Since 1934 Chatsworth Elementary has grown tremendously. For some time it was the largest school in the county. Several additions were made to the original building and other structures erected. In 1998 contractors began tearing parts of the old building down to erect a new school. The new school that stands today was completed during the 1999-2000 school year.

That makes Chatsworth Elementay 85 years old.....more or less!